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Cape Verde
Ntóni Denti d’Oro

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Dentro del particular universo femenino de Cabo Verde, Ntóni Denti d'Oro es una excepción musical, poniendo en pie un conjunto (con batería, guitarra y cimboa) que innova a la vez que refleja la conservación de una tradición milenaria. Ritmos vivos, riqueza armónica e improvisación poética son a la postre los protagonistas de este carnaval sonoro. 


Ntóni Denti d’Oro: vocal and drum
Maria de Conceição Tavarès (alias Bena)
Maria Adelaïde de Barros, and Paula Lopes da Veiga (alias Paula Tótó): batukadeira (choir and beating)
Manu Mende: cimboa
Domingos Fernandes (alias Pascoal), Bernardino Fernandes (alias Pitchiu) and José Maria Lima: guitar
Alcindo Santos (alias Djep’s): djembé.

These recordings were made on November 11th 1997 by Alain Cheiroux in Mr. Luciano Fernandes Garcia’s courtyard, Ntóni Denti d’Oro’s neighbour in São Domingus, island of Santiago, Cape Verde, during the recording of a radio programme by France Culture about the traditions of batuque and finaçon on the island of Santiago (L’Usage du Monde, broadcast on June 7th 1998). This programme was produced by Jean-Yves Loude and Viviane Lièvre, and directed by Marie-Andrée Armynot. José Maria Veiga has been of precious help by arranging the meeting with Ntóni Denti d’Oro. Carlos Moreira Gonsalves translated the texts from Creole into French and cast light on their meanings. Didier Baumlé and the Centre Culturel Français in Praia also contributed to the success of this recording session. Flights were kindly provided by the Company TACV, Cabo Verde Airlines, without which this CD could not have been realised. Thanks also to Marie-Hélène Fraïssé and Alfredo Carvalho, Luciano Fernandes Garcia, Vladimir Monteiro, Maria Moreira, Jean-Louis Rougé, José Maria Semedo and Daniel Spinola.

Cover photograph: [sitting] Leandra Pereira, Domingas Mendes Correia, Maria de Conceição Tavarès, Maria Adelaïde de Barros, Paula Lopes da Veiga, then Ntóni Denti d’Oro and Manu Mende; [standing] José Maria Lima, Domingos Fernandes, Bernardino Fernandes and two female spectators.

01 • Tchani pamôdi? (Tchani, why?)
02 • Baxu cama (Under the Bed)  
03 • Santa Catarina  
04 • Dotor ki flâ 
05 • Sambuna e finaçon 
06 • Raforma agrária 
07 • Brinca sima minino   

1 CD - DDD - 74:33

RESEÑA (La Quinta de Mahler)

Around 1460, Portuguese sailors discovered ten volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, about 400 miles off the African coast. They named these “the islands of Cape Verde”, in reference to the cape Verde, on Dakar Peninsula, which is situated at the same latitude. The archipelago was then uninhabited. The Portuguese Crown intended to develop sugar cane culture and cattle rearing there, but because of the Sahel-like climate and complex relief of the islands, such agricultural development was difficult to achieve with European man-power alone. The idea of basing a settlement on a population of slaves therefore appeared as obvious to developers at the time. A hub for the slave trade in the Atlantic, the islands of Cape Verde thus became a “human laboratory”, as these initially empty lands were turned into a forced melting pot of African and European cultures. From this five-century long collision, a language was born, the Creole, on which was based the identity of a people who chose music and poetry as a means to express their fierce vitality faced with the trials of History.

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