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Sebastian Knüpfer
Conciertos sacros

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Su carrera profesional apenas duró 19 años, tiempo que dedicó en exclusiva a ser director musical en la Catedral de Santo Tomás de Leipzig antes de su muerte prematura. Hablamos de Sebastian Knüpfer, compositor poco recordado hoy y que el cornetista y musicólogo Arno Paduch devuelve al centro de la discusión con bello programa para el que ha seleccionado algunas de sus mejores piezas. 


Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble
Arno Paduch, dirección

Sebastian Knüpfer (1657-1676): 

-1 Was mein Gott will        10:23
6 Sänger [EL,AK,FV,KS,MS,MF], Streicher, Bläser & b.c.
-2 De profundis clamavi        7:23
5 Sänger [EL,AK,FV,MS,MF], Streicher & b.c.
-3 Lauda Jerusalem Dominum        11:07
4 Sänger [EL,FV,MS,MF], Streicher & b.c.
-4 Nun dancket alle Gott        8:13
6 Sänger [EL,AK,FV,KS,MS,MF], Streicher, Bläser & b.c. -5 Herr, hilf uns, wir verderben    4:12
5 Sänger [AK,FV,KS,MS,MF], Streicher & b.c.
-6 Ecce quam bonum        7:31
5 Sänger [EL,FV,MC,MS,F], Streicher & b.c.
-7 Was werden wir essen        10:42
4 Sänger [EL,FV,MC,MF], Streicher & b.c.
-8 Herr Christ der einig Gottes Sohn        9:00
5 Sänger [EL,AK,FV,KS,MF], Streicher, Bläser & b.c.

1 CD - DDD - 68:31

RESEÑA (La Quinta de Mahler)

Sebastian Knüpfer was born in Asch in Bohemia (now As, Czech Republic) and baptized there on September 6, 1633. His father Johann was a choirmaster and organist and gave him his first music lessons, while his mother Katharina was the daughter of the town councillor Nikolaus Ludwig. In 1646 Sebastian Knüpfer was sent to the Gymnasium Poeticum in Regensburg to receive a humanistic Protestant education. He was presumably one of the twenty-four scholarship holders among the boarders, which would have meant that he was obliged to take part in all the school choir’s sacred and secular musical activities. The city of Regensburg was dissatisfied with Johann Reinhard Seulin, the choirmaster employed at the school since 1634. It is on record that he had to be admonished to drill the boys diligently, since their performances were bad and their discipline weak. He was succeeded by Philipp Jakob Seulin in 1649.

The Imperial Diet which took place in Regensburg in 1653/54 must have made a lasting impression on Knüpfer. The events climaxed splendidly with the coronations of Ferdinand IV as Roman king (June 18, 1653) and of Eleonora Gonzaga, spouse of Ferdinand III, as empress (August 4, 1653). The whole imperial household stayed in Regensburg for the duration of the Diet and immense sums of money were provided to ensure that the imperial power and importance were seen in an appropriately magnificent light. The Viennese court initially estimated the total costs of the stay in Regensburg at one million Reichstalers, and large sums were also made available for musical performances. 13,218 gulden were spent alone on building a theatre in order to present Antonio Bertali’s opera L’inganno d’amore in February 1653. Knüpfer must have had ample opportunity to hear first-ranking contemporary music during the Regensburg Diet.

Sebastian Knüpfer enrolled at Leipzig University in the winter semester of the same year, and it is surely no coincidence that numerous works of the Vienna Hofkapelle later found their way into the repertoire of St Thomas’s Church in Leipzig. Knüpfer earned a living whilst studying by singing bass in the choir of St Thomas’s and teaching music to the son of Johann Philippi, a city councillor and professor of law at the university. In Leipzig, the quality of music – in which St Thomas’s Church played a considerable part – at that time left much to be desired, since the Thomaskantor Tobias Michael was severely hindered from fulfilling his duties by serious illness. In 1653, while Michael was still alive, the city council therefore appointed Johann Rosenmüller to succeed him. Rosenmüller was however forced to flee the city in 1655 when a morals charge was brought against him. After Tobias Michael’s death on June 26, 1657, the council elected Sebastian Knüpfer as his successor, although he had never yet held office and prominent personalities like Adam Krieger were among the candidates.

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